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Biomythography workshop with Claremont's Project ARTstART Program

Project ARTstART, directed by Rich Deely, trains high school students, working with college mentors, to provide exhibit-based art lessons for elementary school students. By bringing high-quality, art appreciation classes and activities to the Claremont school system, Project ARTstART, hope to inspire, promote understanding of art and highlight Claremont’s rich artistic history.

On April 29th, Chris Christion and I served as Guest Artists, hosting a Biomythography workshop with over 30 Claremont High School students and 6 Community Curator interns from Scripps College at Claremont Graduate University. During this workshop, students were introduced to intersectionality, Audre Lorde, Biomythography, and exhibition design workshop lead by Chris Christion.

We had a wonderful time working with students and look forward to more community projects!

You can learn more about Project ARTstART at

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