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Abdul Mazid's practice incorporates a multi-disciplinary, conceptual framework to explore beyond the facades of modern global events to reveal the less tangible power structures and manipulations that surround us and dictate our underlying beliefs and behaviors. As if turning a mirror to world around onto the self, the artist delves into underpinnings that subconsciously dictate how we are “guided” to live our lives.


By combining paradigms and disrupting the distinct division between binaries in ideologies, once definitive categories begin to blur and slip into one another.  Through these actions, Mazid is able to distort the boundaries between the established, acceptable, and the absurd. His intention is to create a space for critical thinking and to question the mechanisms that predicate human actions.


To achieve this effect Mazid carefully selects materials and mediums that carry heavy or multiple symbolic meanings. By layering and manipulating these objects the artist is able to examine the  imbedded content within. The artist also explores manipulations on both a micro and macro scale, within economic systems, financial markets, and the more encompassing system of globalization.


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