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Photo Credit: Todd Sharp

Wimbley/Christion Curatorial 

Investigating biomythography as an interdisciplinary visual arts practice....

Chris Christion and Jessica Wimbley are both artists/curators based in Northern California. As a curatorial team, Wimbley/Christion develop a series of curatorial projects contextualizing the visual arts within “biomythography”.


Biomythography is a literary term; it is a style of composition that weaves myth, history, and biography in epic narrative. Defined by Audre Lorde in her seminal piece Zami: A New Spelling of My Name it has been known to shape theories of intersectionality and highlight the idea of internal, external, and multiple selves. As artists/curators, Christion and Wimbley are intrigued by the interconnected and multifaceted link of biomythography across disciplines, particularly in the visual arts


Implementing biomythography as a studio practice provides a challenge to critical historical practices. Multi-mediated and interdisciplinary platforms are used to investigate historical facts, life experience, pop culture, and mythology; challenging, forming, and informing, art history, display, anthropology, identity, and ritual as well as personal, universal, and institutional perspectives and histories. 


Through developing a series of curatorial projects contextualizing the visual arts within biomythography, Wimbley/Christion work as context providers for critical dialectic: addressing the nuances within ever-shifting identities and how we experience/create our contemporary world and culture.  

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