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In my practice I’m constantly exploring ways of challenging conventional black representations of identity and ethnicity from the notion of art history, history, politics, mass media and popular culture to deconstruct the hierarchical power and conceptions of colonialism, race and Eurocentric ideas in a way of subverting social belief systems.

Through prints, found objects, sculpture and videos, I’m interested in creating new discourses using mockery and symbolism in relation to how black identity was constructed through colonialism and how this perception is engraved in the psyche of native Costa Rica. I want to confront the viewer through this contradiction as a sense of questioning history and mass media in the configuration of a national black identity, from the ideas of race and stereotyping.

My Money Talk Series references currency in terms of capitalist, cultural and historical themes. I have for instance attempted to insert  black people into the national history of Costa Rica, where in common imagery they have been excluded and their very existence denied









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