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Mimian Hsu (Costa Rica, 1980) is also Hsu Fung. Descendant of Taiwanese immigrants of the 70’s, who arrived due to the rela#ons that the Island of Formosa and Costa Rica had for over 60 years, her life and work are linked to this process of cultural hybridization and accultura#on of the Chinese immigrant in the American continent. Forced to integrate racially and culturally, among other elements, but all cross-dressed in certain operative western modalities. The work of Mimian Hsu, is distinctive in the Costa Rican cultural production for having incorporated this knowledge and the autobiographic quality of a body of work that goes further from intimism, it appeals to a questioning of what identity is, and the significance of her place in the world. The proposal that the artist makes is the continence of her ‘cultural body’ as a metaphor of the different transformations and obligations of the asian migrant in the West, charged with a visual poetry that plays with the boundaries of being hybrid.

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