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Panel Discussion Video: Biomythography and Identity

By pulling examples from current events, literature, the visual arts and works from the exhibition, this panel discussion utilizes trans-disciplinary perspectives to address the nuances within ever shifting identities and how we experience/create our contemporary world and culture.

Biomythography has been on display for over a month, and many large-scale art and societal questions have been raised from pieces in the collection, especially in light of current events. Several concerns will be discussed specifically, including Black Lives Matter, cultural appropriation of colonized peoples, and fears of Muslim inclusion, such as those which led to the arrest of Ahmed Mohamed.

Panelists include Rose Aslan, Ph.D., assistant professor of religion at Cal Lutheran University, Valorie Thomas, Ph.D., associate professor of English and Africana studies at Pomona College, and exhibition curators Chris Christion and Jessica Wimbley. Rolland Gallery curator Rachel Schmid will moderate.

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