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Chris Christion helps to facilitate dialogue in LAMAG's SKIN exhibition Un- Panel 2 program.

OTIS FACULTY AND STUDENTS LEAD A DISCUSSION ON RACE AT LAMAG -A group of college faculty, whose work appeared in SKIN at the LA Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG) in Barnsdall Park, recently took part in Un-Panel 2: Race Talks.Organized and facilitated by Fine Arts faculty Dorit Cypis and Holly Tempo, the event also included April Bey, Christopher Christion, Camella DaEun Kim, Nery Gabriel Lemus and Daniel Rothman.

Groups of participants share their ideas on race in the gallery. Photo by Dorit Cypis.

Cypis, who is a certified mediator, commented: “The opportunity to co-organize Un-Panel 2, facilitated dialogues on race perceptions and experiences, was fabulous. We invited six artists in the SKIN exhibition to participate as dialogue facilitators, asked each to invite two of their students, and taught them all listening and procedural skills to elicit open dialogue amongst participants. Together we brought a key unspoken aspect of cultural identity–race–to the forefront of discussion on human interaction. This is a process that needs to be repeated throughout educational and civic spaces across America as often as possible.”

“This event is very timely in light of the political and cultural climate in this country right now.” said Tempo. The participants had several hours to engage a lively and thoughtful conversation about a difficult subject.

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