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Work in progress: Kim Morris at CSU Summer Arts

CSU Summer Arts is amazing! One of the excellent features of the program are the wonderful TAs that you get to work with during the session. We were fortunate to have the multi-talented McGyver skill sets of the fabulous Kim Morris on hand. It was great to spend time with Kim in the studio and learn more about her work and process. On a foggy morning, I walked into the studio and saw this AMAZING piece ghosting the space- I was transfixed, delighted- I got goosebumps, happy danced, and then ran around the studios looking for Chris so he could experience the wonder and awe of Kim's work in progress. I had to find Kim, to let her know how excited I was to encounter this BEAUTY!

Kim's work will be in the upcoming exhibition Biomythography: Currency Exchange at Claremont Graduate University. Opening reception is Tuesday, Aug. 30, 6-9PM! Learn More about Kim Morris and her work at

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