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Busy weekend of install: FAR Bazaar

FAR, one of the oldest artist-run non-profits in Southern California, will celebrate its 40th anniversary. To honor this milestone, Cerritos College will host the group’s largest FAR Bazaar event on January 28-29, 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

The large-scale event will be held in the College’s abandoned 1950’s mid-century modernist structure and former Fine Arts building. The structure is slated for demolition just days after FAR Bazaar 2017 to make room for the College’s new modern facility.

FAR Bazaar 2017 will occupy more than 50 abandoned rooms, transforming the facility’s 30,000 square feet of interior into a collection of alternative art spaces curated by local art groups.

Install at the site began this weekend, and whoa! So many different groups of artists working together doing interesting things in the space- SUPER EXCITED for the opening and to see all the completed spaces!!!!

We have been busy working away on the space, which was a journalism classroom. Here is a sneak peak of our progress.

To learn more about the event visit

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