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Currency Exchange: Language

Marton Robinson's facebook page was in Spanish. And so when I decided to contact him, I used google translator to write to him in Spanish.

For the artists that we worked with en español, google translator was key in our effective communication via online. As a result, my ability to read spanish has improved tremendously, however, mi español es horrible.

Facebook Conversations, 2015 between Marton Robinson and Jessica Wimbley.

As curators we literally engaged in the currency of language- spoken , textual , mediated, and visual.

Marton has been extremely generous and patient with our lack of language skills in Spanish, especially having fluency in both Spanish and English. What was so amazing about working with artists, and mediating between different languages, was that regardless of skill level, we all had a high degree of understanding of the visual, allowing for a fluency in the reading of the artwork.

The idea that regardless of the spoken or textual language, artist from around the world are in fluent conversation with each other is exciting!

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