Thinh Nguyen avoids creating more stuff in a culture that is constantly producing stuff. The artist often collects detritus from artists, using anything related to art materials and practices. Nguyen transform these various elements by cutting, tearing, and stripping them apart, and reconstruct them into hybrids.

By repurposing and reclaiming art related discards as a sustainable strategy, Nguyen expands the practice to indirectly involve other artists in the work. This process opens the possibility of having multiple authorships, reconsidering questions about participation, exploitation, re-originalization, universal individuality, and the politic of artistic authority.

Techniques such as weaving, sewing, and stitching counteract the increasing computerized and industrialized corporate culture, to emphasize on the power of repetitive labor and the meditative making. These techniques act as a reminder that craft is an integral part of political discourse on the struggle for gender and sexual equality. 



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