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Biomythography: Readings



Axis of Ego: When and Where I Enter Reading List

Artist and curator Chris Christion featured his multimedia installation Axis of Ego: When and Where I Enter at Cerritos College's FAR Bizaar. “Axis of Ego: When and Where I Enter” is a video and multimedia installation which investigates notions of toxic masculinity, cultural humility, cultural speculation, and myth creation while exploring intersecting concepts of inherited racial and social constructs including but not limited to masquerading’s of masculinity and the destructive nature of racially, culturally and gendered hierarchical organization. The film “Axis of Ego” highlights a comparative link between Cognitive Dissonance in race relations and Sigmund Freud theory on the Ego Defense Mechanisms. 


Working with complex concepts, a reading list was comprised to create more understanding of key concepts within the installation

Comprised is a short list of readings included in the California State University Summer Arts: The Autobiographical as Practice Reading List ​ ​

An important component in our teaching, writing, curation, and art making is research. In working with students, we provide a series of readings that provides insight to concepts of Biomythography, identity performance, intersectionality, transpersonal narratives, curation/gallery space, and ethnographic research.

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